Why Should I Care?

Because you are piracy's real victim

You know what CoStar’s services mean to your work. That’s why you invest in your success with one or more CoStar commercial real estate information services. Anyone who illegally uses CoStar services to compete against you threatens your competitive advantage in at least three ways 


  • Costs you deals
  • Reduces CoStar’s ability to enhance services
  • May cost you more in a higher subscription fee 


Piracy Punishment
The penalties for piracy are high. In civil cases, infringers can be liable for CoStar’s lost profits, the infringer’s profits, or statutory damages of up to $150,000 per work infringed (plus CoStar’s attorney fees). And criminal prosecution? That also applies for certain types of piracy. Play it safe. Don’t risk piracy’s costly and embarrassing consequences.
Report pirates (PDF)

Piracy hurts people that work for you
Left unchecked, piracy threatens the job security of CoStar's researchers, photographers and software programmers. These professionals work on behalf of you, your clients and those that market their listings with us free-of-charge. 




Safeguard Your CoStar Winning Edge from Piracy

What Is Piracy?

Stealing online information comes in many different forms and flavors. Here’s a Top 10 List you’ll want to look over.

Reporting Piracy

Take a stand! Report piracy and you may be eligible for a cash reward of 25% of any monetary settlement.

Best Practices

Effectively managing your CoStar license will help you get the most value from your subscriptions and lessen liability risks.

CoStar Licensing FAQs

Know your rights with a CoStar license

Substantial Cash Rewards

The unlicensed use or copying of CoStar services is not fair to you or CoStar. Plus it’s against the law.