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Search properties. See the market. Close more deals. All from one place.

Find what you are looking for

CoStar offers a full inventory of properties and spaces searchable by market and submarket, with hundreds of details on each one.  Access photos, maps, floor plans, stacking plans and more.

Whether you’re interested in office, retail, industrial or multifamily, we’ve got comprehensive coverage and analytics, including decades of historical details that can only be found in CoStar.

With access to all of this, all in one place, finding the right deal for your client is easier than ever.

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Analyze the competition

See what’s going on, so you know where you stand.

By monitoring asking rates, absorption, vacancies,  and other market conditions you’ll gain a 360° view.Our powerful analytic tools make positioning your listings and negotiating for your clients easy.

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Connect with who matters

Find and engage with the people you need to close the best deals for your clients.

Through CoStar Professional Directory, access the most comprehensive network of commercial real estate professionals in one place. From brokers and owners to investors and lenders, our community keeps you in the know, competitive, and positioned to win more business every day.

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Compare lease options with ease

With Lease Analysis, break down lease decisions to get a clearer picture and help your clients make smart decisions.

With tools that give your clients the power and the confidence to make decisions faster, everybody’s positioned to do well.

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