CoStar Portfolio Strategy

Position your portfolio to perform with data, analytics and advice from the industry’s best.

Analytics deepen  perspective

Deepen your perspective

Access a comprehensive, objective view of the market.

CoStar Portfolio Strategy provides actionable intelligence across the United States and United Kingdom for all of the major property types. By combining the most comprehensive and up-to-date information with unbiased interpretive analysis of markets and investment conditions, you’ve got what you need to make smart, confident decisions.

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  • Market Fundamentals: For perspective on existing and new supply, demand, vacancies and rents
  • Market Performance: For insight into past and projected investment returns
  • Property Metrics: For information that gives you a micro view of the market

With CoStar Portfolio Strategy, you’ll have insight into where the market is—and more importantly, where it’s going.

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See the advantage of expert advice

Get to know our advisors, who work with you in mind.

We have more than 50 economists working to provide you with a deeper understanding of the supply and demand drivers that impact your investments.

Whether you’re developing a strategy for the future, executing one today, or need help communicating the value of your moves, our advisors are here to help and give you the guidance you need.

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Understand the industry

See the bigger picture with the most verified research out there.

Only CoStar can give you a true macro view because we look at data differently. Instead of sampling data, we combine high-level trend analysis with granular, property-level details to deliver industry insight to rely on.

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Gain unmatched insight on commercial real estate pricing trends

Over the past two decades, repeat-sale regression analysis has become increasingly accepted as the most clear-cut and rigorous method for understanding price movements within markets.

The accuracy of a repeat-sale index depends to a great extent on the underlying data. In drawing from the most comprehensive comparable sales database, the CoStar Commercial Repeat Sale Indices (CCRSI) has emerged as an industry benchmark for analyzing price movements of commercial real estate in the U.S.

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Customize screening and selection

Uncover additional markets for consideration based on investment objectives through our property screening tool.

Discover which markets to target and which ones to avoid using our Strategy Screens for each of the major property types.

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