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What Is Piracy?

Top 10 Piracy Abuses of CoStar Services

Using CoStar’s services without a license or exceeding the scope of permitted use amounts to piracy. Here’s a top 10 list of prohibited acts –

  1. Sharing your CoStar User ID and password.
  2. Logging into a CoStar service using someone else’s CoStar User ID and password.
  3. Creating a “CoStar terminal”-a shared computer used by several people to access CoStar via one individual’s CoStar passcodes.
  4. Holding a CoStar User ID under your own name but working for a separate unlicensed company with commercial real estate information needs.
  5. Supporting your need for commercial real estate information by having a licensed CoStar user email or fax CoStar reports to you rather than becoming a licensed user.
  6. Downloading information or photos from CoStar into an internal database without written permission from CoStar.
  7. Using, copying or distributing any part of the CoStar service in connection with creating or maintaining another information service or product.
  8. Posting a CoStar photo to an Internet listing service other than through CoStar Photo ExpressTM
  9. Cancelling a CoStar service but retaining CoStar content for use after termination of your license.
  10. Reselling any portion of a CoStar service.

Substantial Cash Rewards

The unlicensed use or copying of CoStar services is not fair to you or CoStar. Plus it’s against the law.

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