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Reward Program

Terms & Conditions

  1. Subject to the Reward Program Terms & Conditions set forth below, a reward of  the greater of 25% of any net monetary payment to CoStar after legal and other costs or $10,000 (the “Reward") shall be paid to a person (the “Submitter”) who provides CoStar with information (a “Report”) that directly leads to CoStar receiving a monetary payment of $10,000 or more from the individual and/or entity being reported for piracy, whether from a civil or criminal action or settlement agreement.
  2. The Submitter must submit information that is reliable and accurate to the best of his/her personal knowledge, and s/he must be willing to respond promptly to follow up questions to obtain necessary details concerning the Report.*
  3. A Submitter is not eligible to receive a Reward if s/he is a government employee or is an employee or independent contractor of CoStar Group, Inc. or its affiliates.
  4. A Submitter is not eligible to receive a Reward if s/he personally participated in the piracy, except where s/he was expressly told to do so by a superior.
  5. CoStar will not publicly disclose the identity of the Submitter without consent, except where lawfully requested by a government agency, law enforcement agency, or where the identity is subject to a court subpoena or valid discovery request.
  6. A Report providing information already known to CoStar shall not be considered for a possible Reward payment. If multiple Submitters report on the same act, or related acts of piracy, CoStar may pay only one reward to one Submitter per piracy matter. CoStar will choose in its sole discretion which Submitter shall receive a Reward. CoStar will have no obligation to pay more than one reward per piracy matter.
  7. A Report shall not be considered for a possible Reward payment unless the Report is provided to CoStar via email to, via facsimile to 888-886-3982 and/or via telephone at 888-874-0837.
  8. All decisions as to whether and how to follow up on a Report, institute or settle an action, revise these Reward Program Terms & Conditions, discontinue the Reward Program, and/or determine if a particular Report qualifies for and should result in a Reward payment shall be made by CoStar at its sole discretion.
  9. Submitter is not entitled to know the status and/or details of any investigation, enforcement proceeding, or dispute resolution. A Submitter is entitled to inquire only as to whether s/he falls into one of the following categories: (a) will not receive a Reward, (b) yet to be determined if s/he will be paid a Reward, or (c) will receive a Reward.
  10. Before a Reward can be paid, the Submitter will need to provide CoStar with her/his social security number for tax reporting purposes only.  CoStar will only request such social security when it has determined that the Submitter will receive a Reward.
  11. Rewards will not be available where prohibited by federal, state or local law or regulations, or by applicable canons of professional responsibility or similar guidelines. The Submitter’s submission of the report must not violate any contract or other legally-binding agreement between the Submitter and the target company or a third party.
  12. CoStar may terminate the Reward Program at any time for any reason.


* To qualify for the Reward, the source may be required to sign an affidavit under penalty of perjury attesting that the information furnished to CoStar is true based on his or her personal knowledge. The information provided by the Submitter must be deemed reliable and accurate by CoStar, in CoStar’s sole judgment.

Substantial Cash Rewards

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