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Best Practices

You and Your CoStar License

Effectively managing your CoStar license can help you to improve productivity, eliminate waste, obtain better purchasing power through volume discounts and lessen liability risks.

STEP ONE – Designate a CoStar Administrator
If you have not already done so, you should designate someone within your company to be in charge of managing your CoStar license. This CoStar Administrator helps in at least three ways –

  • When an authorized user leaves your company, your CoStar Administrator calls CoStar to have the person’s CoStar access terminated.
  • When more users or site licenses are needed, your CoStar Administrator notifies CoStar.
  • Your CoStar Administrator makes sure that your team understands the broad usage rights and specific prohibitions that apply to your CoStar services.

STEP TWO - Review Your License

Look at your initial license and any amendments to it to determine –

  • How many sites are authorized under your CoStar license (“Authorized Sites”)
  • How many users are authorized under your CoStar license (“Authorized Users”)

Then identify which sites and which individuals are currently designated as Authorized Sites and Authorized Users under your license. If you need assistance with this, contact your CoStar Account Executive or CoStar Customer Service.

STEP THREE – Audit Your Usage

  • Are any of your Authorized Users based out of a site that is not a Licensed Site?
  • Do the total number of your brokerage, research, sales, appraisal, or other similar personnel performing tasks that can benefit from CoStar services exceed the number of Authorized Users?
  • Do any of the individuals designated as Authorized Users under your license work for a separate company with commercial real estate information needs?
  • Does your company provide any photos or information to listing services or other information providers without having implemented appropriate policies and procedures to ensure that you do not provide photos or information obtained from CoStar?
  • Does your company populate an internal database of commercial real estate information without having implemented appropriate policies and procedures to ensure that you do not incorporate any photos or information obtained from CoStar without permission?
  • Are any of your Authorized Users sharing their passcodes?

STEP FOUR – Contact CoStar

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions in Step 3, immediately contact CoStar at 888-874-0837 or



Substantial Cash Rewards

The unlicensed use or copying of CoStar services is not fair to you or CoStar. Plus it’s against the law.

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