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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your questions regarding SHOWCASE subscriptions, listings, search engine exposure, and how to get started.



Q) Tell me more about the SHOWCASE audience. Who will see my listings if I sign up for SHOWCASE?
A) The SHOWCASE audience includes anyone with an interest in commercial real estate property listings across the U.S. It includes: brokers, owners, investors, tenants, and principals, among others.  Learn more about the SHOWCASE audience.

Q) I already list my properties other places on the web. Should I Iist on SHOWCASE also?

A) Yes. With SHOWCASE , you’ll reach a unique audience that you won't find on other websites. When you advertise on SHOWCASE , you'll reach more prospects and generate more leads.


Q) What is the difference between having my listings in CoStar for free and advertising my listings on SHOWCASE?
A) Your free CoStar listings reach more than 60,000 of the top commercial real estate professionals, the premier community of commercial brokers, owners, investors and lenders. Advertising your listing in SHOWCASE  expands your reach to hundreds of thousands of other potential prospects that visit every month.


Q) I already provided all my listings’ information to a CoStar marketing representative on the phone. Do I need to repeat the process again to market my listings in SHOWCASE?
A) No. If we already have your listing information, we simply use that information for your SHOWCASE listing – no need to do it twice. Remember: Contact your CoStar marketing representative if any listing information is outdated and needs editing.


Q) Which search engines will my listings show up on if I add them to SHOWCASE?
A) When you advertise your properties in SHOWCASE, we will invest in marketing your listings on the major search engines, including GoogleTM and Yahoo!®. Your listing and contact information will only be one or two clicks away from these engines.


Q) How do prospects contact me?
A) Your SHOWCASE listing includes your firm’s name, your name and your phone number. Prospects will also be able to reach you via email through a broker inquiry tool.


Q) Can I add attachments like a marketing flyer to my SHOWCASE listing?
A) Yes. If you have added a marketing flyer to your CoStar free listing, then it will also appear in your SHOWCASE listing.


Q) Is there a limit to the number of properties I can have posted in SHOWCASE?
A) The basic SHOWCASE subscription includes up to 15 active listings per individual broker. 


Q) What if I have more than 15 listings?
A) Special pricing packages are available to meet the needs of brokers who have more than 15 active listings in CoStar. For more information, please contact 877-7-COSTAR or your local account representative.


Q) Can I request preferred placement for an extra fee?
A) Preferential listing placement is coming soon. Check back often!


Q) Why does CoStar only allow commercial real estate professionals to market their properties in SHOWCASE? 
A) CoStar believes that commercial real estate professionals, such as brokers, are critical to any commercial property transaction. By allowing non-professionals to list properties, other services on the web condone principal-to-principal deals that cut out the broker. That works against your long-term interests.


Q) I don’t have any listings in CoStar. Can I still market my listings in SHOWCASE? 
A) Yes. Just call 877-664-LIST (5478). A CoStar marketing representative will take all of your listing information. Upon completing this brief process, you will then be able to list your properties in SHOWCASE.


Q) What is a broker-level subscription?
A) SHOWCASE subscriptions are available to individual commercial real estate brokers.  The basic subscription permits the broker to market up to 15 of their active CoStar listings in SHOWCASE. To subscribe to SHOWCASE online, please   You can also call 877-7-COSTAR or your local CoStar account representative to get started.


Q) Who should I call if I need help signing up for SHOWCASE?
A) If you can’t find the answers you are looking for here, CoStar customer service is available by phone, 800-613-1303, or email,, Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM ET and Saturday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM ET.

I  subscribe to SHOWCASE:

Q) How do I add more listings in SHOWCASE? 
A) Just call 877-664-LIST (5478). A CoStar marketing representative will take your new listing information. As a SHOWCASE subscriber, your listings will be automatically published in SHOWCASE within one business day.


Q) How do I remove listings from SHOWCASE?
A) To remove listings from SHOWCASE, just log in using your username/password you selected when you first registered. When you get to the Purchase/Manage screen (the first page you’ll see), follow the on-screen instructions to remove any listings you want.


Q) How do I update my listings?
A) Call your CoStar marketing representative to update your listings any time. When you update your listings on the phone, your SHOWCASE listings will be updated within 24 hours.


Q) How do I know my property is being viewed?
A) SHOWCASE now offers tracking reports on your SHOWCASE listings, including statistics on viewership.


Q) My property in SHOWCASE just sold or was leased. What do I do next?
A) When a property listing is sold or leased, contact CoStar research at 877-664-5478 to let us know of the change in status. Any updates you make to your CoStar listing will be updated in SHOWCASE as well. 

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