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Biggest Commercial Real Estate News from 2012

Here's a Look Back at the Most Read News Stories from 2012 Reported by CoStar News
December 31, 2012
Throughout 2012, CoStar News covered the biggest stories in commercial real estate, featuring insightful and timely reporting on the trends and transactions that shaped our industry, with a particular focus on the changes sweeping through the brokerage business. On the last day of the year, we checked our records and identified what you, our readers, considered to be the most interesting and newsworthy stories over the past 12 months.

By far the single biggest commercial real estate story of the year was the bankruptcy and ultimate dissolution of Grubb & Ellis. The 54-year-old industry icon had been among the first to pursue national expansion in the 1960s and 1970s, bringing a more sophisticated level of service catering to the growing real estate needs of businesses nationwide before succumbing to high debt assumed in an ill-fated merger. Senior news editor Randyl Drummer followed the story through its twists and turns involving several potential suitors before BGC Partners ended up buying most of the firm's remaining assets out of bankruptcy.

Mark Heschmeyer reported on the growing interest in all things social media related with a story in February on how CRE practitioners continue to explore ways to incorporate social media in their day to day business, which continues to have widespread implications for the industry.

Two other headlines that generated a high level of interest: "No More Fear and Loathing of CRE Lending for Banks" and "The Top 10 Threats to CRE This Summer," both by senior news editor Heschmeyer examined the hopeful promise and potential peril that marked much of the commercial real estate business this year.

Our series on the De-Malling of America also attracted a great deal of reader interest. The series, by senior news editor Drummer, explored what may be next for the hundreds of outmoded malls throughout the country and resonated for a lot of readers.

An April interview with interview with Cushman & Wakefield CEO Glenn Rufrano was also a popular story and provided an in-depth look at the business strategy pursued by another big name in the business.

Another headline-grabbing topic was Blackstone's series of significant investments in retail property last year, leaving some to wonder if perhaps the private equity kingpin is seeking to accomplish a similar investment homerun with retail centers as it did with office property just before the downturn in 2007.

Finally, in a somewhat 'deja vu all over again' moment, Mark Heschmeyer's story from last January, 2012: Better? More of the Same? or Total Economic Chaos? reminds us that, despite the passing year, the same headline could be used again as we head into a new year.

Thank you for reading CoStar News. We very much appreciate your patronage and hope to bring you more news and expanded news options as we continue to cover commercial real estate throughout 2013.

Here is a full list of the most-read CoStar News stories for the year:

1 Grubb & Ellis Files for Chapter 11, Agrees To Sell Nearly All Assets to BGC PartnersRandyl Drummer2/21/2012
2 Social Media in CRE No Longer Just for SocializingMark Heschmeyer2/22/2012
3 No More Fear and Loathing of CRE Lending for BanksMark Heschmeyer2/1/2012
4 The De-Malling of America: What's Next for Hundreds of Outmoded Malls?Randyl Drummer10/3/2012
5 The Top 10 Threats to CRE This SummerMark Heschmeyer6/20/2012
6 Blackstone/DDR Team Up to Acquire $1.4B Shopping PortfolioRandyl Drummer1/11/2012
7 After Sale Approval In Bankruptcy Court, Grubb & Ellis Moves To Next Phase Under BGCRandyl Drummer3/28/2012
8 12 Questions With Cushman & Wakefield CEO Glenn RufranoRandyl Drummer4/4/2012
9 2012: Better? More of the Same? or Total Economic Chaos?Mark Heschmeyer1/4/2012
10 Landlords Poised to Regain Upper Hand In Recovering Office MarketRandyl Drummer1/25/2012
11 CRE Price Index Rises for Seventh Consecutive MonthRandyl Drummer1/18/2012
12 Pace of Recovery Accelerates For Lower-End CRE PropertiesRandyl Drummer6/13/2012
13 With Tesco, SuperValu Reviewing Strategic Options, Big Changes Coming to Grocery OwnershipMark Heschmeyer12/12/2012
14 Retail Outlook: Cautious Optimism as Tipping Point In Shopping Center Rents Expected In 2012Randyl Drummer2/8/2012
15 Best Buy Is No Circuit CityMark Heschmeyer4/4/2012
16 Appeal Keeps Building for Still Unproven Investment In Rental Housing MarketMark Heschmeyer12/5/2012
17 Tenants Continue To Rule the MarketMark Heschmeyer6/6/2012
18 Real Estate On the Menu at KFC, Taco Bell and Pizza HutMark Heschmeyer2/15/2012
19 CoStar Closes LoopNet Acquisition To Begin New Chapter in CRE TechnologyTim Trainor4/30/2012
20 MAJOR DILEMMA: Economically We're in Recovery; Mentally We're Stuck in RecessionMark Heschmeyer9/26/2012

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