Call For Papers

Journal of Sustainable Real Estate (JOSRE) Vol. 5
Continuous Submission January 1 to December 15, 2013

The American Real Estate Society, in cooperation with and funding by the CoStar Group, announces a call for
papers for the fifth volume of the Journal of Sustainable Real Estate (JOSRE – an online academic publication). Authors are
encouraged to submit original research that can help investors, developers, appraisers, lenders, asset managers, elected
government officials and land use regulators improve their strategies, decision-making and understanding of the impact of
sustainable real estate practices. Topics and questions of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

Work Space, Sales Space and Productivity

  • What is the impact of more sustainable real estate (more natural light, better ventilation, better temperature control, etc.) on worker productivity? Can we control for management and other factors affecting productivity?
  • Have we improved how we measure productivity? (For example, new tools like are being used by employers to measure computer uses and time spent in various activities, but do they make sense?)
  • Is existing traditional office space obsolete and what are the trends in more collaborative and innovative work space? Does sustainability play a role?
  • What is the impact of green buildings on worker morale, retail sales, and benefits that go beyond energy savings? Can these be valued? Do they or will they eventually translate into rent?

Regulatory Issues

  • How do local, state and national government requirements compare and what have we learned about regulations versus incentives?
  • Do we need mandatory disclosure of energy and water consumption and are there examples of greater market transparency influencing property values?

Financing, PACE Programs and Valuation Issues

  • PACE programs formerly used for residential property are now being promoted for commercial property. What are the benefits and costs of such programs and will they have an impact on investments in sustainable features that save energy or promote more efficient use of space?
  • Have appraisers and lenders finally caught up with the impact on rents, operating expenses and values from sustainable improvements and are there any illustrations of successful competitive strategies for lenders and appraisers?

Hi-Performance and Intelligent Building Systems

  • Does solar pay off? Will real estate owners trade carbon credits some day?
  • What is the state of the art for water efficiency in terms of operation, rain water capture, gray water use and what regulations impede or assist in this effort?
  • What are examples of building practices that enhance flexible and productive use, extend economic life and save retrofit costs?

Green and Sustainable Strategies and Policies

  • Are there conflicts with state and local building codes and municipal subdivision and site conditions that make implementation difficult? Is land use and building code official education an issue? 
  • How many public and private companies have green policy statements? How has this affected real estate decisions?
  • Portfolio approaches to energy consumption and sustainable benchmarks: For example, what will be the impact of GRESB?
  • What are the new technologies and strategies affecting water consumption? Are they cost-effective?
  • Who is defending the status quo of the energy grid?

Case Studies of Net Zero Energy Buildings, Self-Generated Power and Batteries

  • What are the lessons learned from great new net zero buildings? Have we figured out how to store excess energy?
  1. All papers will be subject to anonymous double-blind review by practicing professionals and academicians.
  2. Articles must be written to be understandable by institutional real estate investors; lengthy formulas and mathematics should appear in an appendix. Applied empirical studies will be given preference.
  3. Style guidelines are available our web site
  4. Submissions are preferred in MS Word or PDF format.
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Senior Editor: Norm Miller, University of San Diego, email: 
Associate Editors: Nico B. Rottke, (Europe), European Business School, email: 
Robert Simons, (North America), Cleveland State University, email: 
Kwame Addae-Dapaah, (Asia), National University of Singapore, email:

All manuscripts published from January 1 to December 15, 2013 will be part of the Journal of Sustainable Real Estate, Vol. 5.
Authors should submit their manuscripts via e-mail to